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Nanooptics Lab @ WHU Physics

Sheng Wang Group

School of Physics and Technology, Wuhan University

Official Personal Page @ WHU Physics

Welcome to the nanooptics lab at Wuhan University. We are interested in probing and manipulating light-matter interaction in condensed matter with reduced dimensions——with an emphasis on carbon nanotubes, 2D materials and their heterostructures. In these low-dimensional systems, emerging exotic properties can arise from the interplay of quantum confinement, reduction in phase space, nonequilibrium states, topological effects and enhanced electron-electron correlations.

By integrating powerful optical spectroscopy (photoluminesence, FTIR, transient absorption, time correlated single photon counting, nonlinear spectroscopy, etc) with versatile scanning probe techniques (KPFM, conductive-AFM, scannning voltage microscope, quantatative nanomechnical mapping, STM, etc) in scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM), we are developing a comprehensive scanning probe platform that can:
(1) characterize and control simutaneouly optical, electrical and mechnical properties in situ at the nanoscale;
(2) perform broadband spectroscopy (covering visible, near infrared, mid-infrared to teraHertz) with simultaneous nanoscale spatial resolution and ultrafast (ps to fs) temporal resolution;
(3) interrogate nanoscale properties under external stimuli, such as strain, electric/magnetic field and cryogenic temperature.

We employ the all-in-one characterization platform to probe and manipulate the unusual optical and electrical properties of low-dimensional quantum materials at the nanoscale and establish nanoscale structure-property relationship, which can eventually find applications in nanooptics and nanoelectronics. 


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